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How To Move Your Sim Into A New House | Simple Steps

How To Move Your Sim Into A New House | Simple Steps

Ah, the thrill of a fresh start! 

Whether your Sim craves a chic city loft or a cozy cottage in the woods, moving day always sparks excitement. 

But before you hit that “Travel” button, let’s navigate the logistics and ensure your Sim’s transition is as smooth as a freshly-smoothed smoothie.

Let’s start exploring how to move your sim into a new house!

Here Are Some Simple Steps For How To Move Your Sim Into A New House

Step 1- Preparing for Departure

Settle Debts

Don’t let unpaid bills haunt your Sim (literally!). Settle any outstanding dues before leaving, or they might face repossession nightmares in their new digs.

Pack Smart

Not all furniture travels well. Bulky items like pianos or hot tubs may not fit in the moving van (or your Sim’s budget). Consider selling them if you won’t miss them terribly.

Inventory Essentials

Pack necessities like beds, fridges, and toilets. Don’t forget smaller treasures like paintings, plants, and quirky knick-knacks that make a house a home.

Pawsitive Thinking

If your Sim has furry friends, ensure their needs are met. Pack their food, beds, and favorite toys. Maybe even invest in a cozy travel carrier for extra comfort.

Step 2- Choosing Your New Nest

World of Options

Explore different worlds! Brindleton Bay whispers ocean breezes, while San Myshuno pulses with city vibes. Consider your Sim’s personality and aspirations when choosing a new locale.

Budget Matters

Don’t get swept away by dream mansions. Check your Simoleon stash and choose a house that fits their financial realities. Remember, renovations and new furniture add up!

Location, Location, Location

Think about your Sim’s daily routine. Is being close to work or a park important? Maybe they crave a secluded getaway nestled in the mountains.

Lot Size and Layout

Does your Sim prefer a sprawling estate or a cozy bungalow? Ensure the lot size and room layout match their lifestyle and desired activities.

Step 3-  Making the Move

Travel Time

Click on your Sim’s phone and select “Travel.” Choose the new house from the list of available residences. You’ll be whisked away in a flash (no packing tape or cardboard boxes required!).

Unpacking Fun

Time to unleash your inner interior designer! Arrange furniture, decorate walls, and personalize the space. Let your Sim’s unique style shine through!

New Neighbors, New Friends

Introduce yourself to the locals! Strike up conversations, throw a welcome party, or join a club. Building new relationships enriches any Sim’s life.

Explore and Enjoy

Don’t get stuck unpacking boxes! Explore the new neighborhood, discover hidden gems, and unlock exciting opportunities. This is a fresh chapter, so make the most of it!

Pro Tips On How To Move Your Sim Into A New House

  • Use the “Manage Households” option to move multiple Sims together.
  • If the budget is tight, consider renting a furnished house initially.
  • Check the mailbox for welcome gifts from friendly neighbors.
  • Don’t forget to update your Sim’s job location if it’s changed.

Frequently Asked Questions on How To Move Your Sim Into A New House

Can I move my Sim back to their old house? 

Absolutely! Just travel back to the original house using the same method.

What happens to my Sim’s relationships when they move?

Existing relationships remain intact. You can build new ones in the new neighborhood.

Can I move furniture from my old house? 

Unfortunately, no. All furniture stays behind when you move.


With these tips and a sprinkle of Simlish optimism, your Sim’s move will be a seamless success. 

So grab your paintbrush, unpack your dreams, and get ready to write a brand new chapter in your Sim’s story! 

Remember, the possibilities are endless in the vibrant world of The Sims, so make the most of every pixelated adventure. 

Happy moving!

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